Triathlon club ‘de Triotters’ is dedicated to recreational sports.

Fanatic and recreational athletes train together, each at their own level.

Having fun and enjoying sports is paramount!

All group trainings are resumed as of the 15th of January 2022. Click on the links below to read the most recent corona rules:


We swim twice a week. Schedule:

  • From the 4th of September 2021 until May 2022 - Saturdays: Inside the Ir.Ottenbad from 9:00-10:00.
    Address: Vijfkamplaan 12 in Eindhoven.
  • May and June 2022 – Saturdays: Outside (heated pool) the Ir.Ottenbad from 9:00-10:00.
    Address: Vijfkamplaan 12 in Eindhoven.
  • Till August 28 2021– Saturdays: in open water ('t Wolfsven in Mierlo) from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.
  • September the 6th 2021 until June 2022 - Mondays: inside the Ir.Ottenbad from 21:45 to 22:45.
    Address: Vijfkamplaan 12 in Eindhoven.
  • Till August 31 2021– Tuesdays: in open water ('t Wolsven in Mierlo) from 20.00 to 21.00.
  • Further information concerning swimming in open water in 2022 will follow.


  • April till September we bike together on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:00.
    Location: Park Forum 898 (Bio Energie Centrale Meerhoven in Eindhoven), the big round
    A helmet is obligated for this training.


  • Every Wednesday from 19:30 to 20:30.
    The locations vary and are communicated via a WhatsApp group chat. Your first run must be on a Wednesday, please take that into account.
  • Every Sunday from 09:30 to 10.30
    Address: Philips de Jonghpark in Eindhoven, at the parking lot opposite of the train overpass (Bezuidenhoutseweg).

Core stability

Core stability is strength training for your entire body, creating a good and stable position in the water. You also enjoy the benefits of core stability in running, leading to a well-trained body, strong legs and a good attitude. The exercises are specifically aimed at triathletes. The gym is only 1 km from the Ir. Ottenbad, so it is ideal to combine two training sessions on an evening.
Members of The Triotters can follow these courses for 20 euros per year. Non-members pay 36 euros.

  • Monday nights from September till April from 20:00 to 21:15.
  • Location: the gym of the 'Stedelijk College Eindhoven' (school building). Address: Oude Bosschebaan 20, Eindhoven.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Triotters, would like some more information about the courses or interest in participating in a free training session, please contact Edwin de Groen.

Email: Phone number: 06-50837083.

After one free introductory training you can take a trial membership of one month for 20 euros.
If you want to, you can download an application form Please fill it in and mail it to:

Annual Membership

One year membership (January to December) costs 215 euros per year. This amount is for all the running, cycling and swimming training. This is a fee all annual members pay, regardless of the amount of times they train. In addition, members pay 35 additional euros a year for the (compulsory) membership of the Dutch Triathlon Association (NTB).

Participation in circuit training, any training camp or bike week and other optional activities requires an additional contribution. An athlete license (required for team members) costs 26 euro per year and is for sale at the NTB-website.

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